Yellowstone 3 Week Road Trip Itinerary from Denver

Three weeks – three of the Wild West’s greatest National Parks and criss crossing through several state borders – there’s so much to explore in this part of America.  

Our Yellowstone 3 week road trip itinerary from Denver will take us to Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain National Parks, but we will spend the bulk of the trip exploring Yellowstone National Park.  We will visit a n umber of other National Parks and Monuments as we travel too.

En route, we will pack in some “Must Do” sights including Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial and visiting the site of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Our itinerary crosses through 6 states:  Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota.

So – get your Wild West hat and cowboy boots ready to go go go …

Badlands Yellowstone 3 Week Road Trip Itinerary from Denver Cowgirl Boots - The souvenir I should have bought

“Yee hah Yellowstone!”