Durness to Kylesku

via Scourie and Drumbeg

The drive from Durness to Kylesku only takes about an hour and a quarter, so we took a short detour at Scourie and almost got blown into the sea the wind was so strong.  A ferry runs from Scourie to Handa Island where there are seabird colonies in the Summer, but we were too late for that.  We decided to take the scenic coastal route around Drumbeg which yielded some impressive views of this lonely land.

Durness to Kylesku - Kylesku

Drumbeg boasts an impressively well stocked local store which sells everything from award winning Cornish cheeses to a privately bottled single malt whisky and a whole range of food and useful things in between.  The force of the wind shortened our day a little,  but we managed to fit in a blustery walk to the Kylesku Bridge from our Hotel.  There used to be a ferry operating across the loch here during daylight hours only and took an hour on a calm day.  If you missed it, you faced a 100 mile trip via Laird.  Winds of 100mph were recorded during construction – you could see why today.


A hiker wearing a shortish green kilt. I hadn’t got the heart to wait for the obvious photo in gale force winds …

Makes you Smile:

A fellow resident at our hotel had a huge dog which was a labrador poodle cross – a fairly unlikely cross breed given the difference in size?!  It was a soft old thing in every way, putting its paw up to shake the hand of everyone who walked by.

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