Grand Teton National Park

On the Trail to Grand Teton

We arrived at Signal Mountain Lodge much sooner than we had expected – I think we must got the distances a bit wrong somewhere in the planning.  It only took a couple of hours from Yellowstone Lake. This meant we had plenty of time to call in at Colter Bay Visitor Centre and plan the rest of our trip.

The scenery on the drive into the Grand Teton National Park was absolutely stunning a provided a welcome change in colour from Yellowstone. Mount Moran dominates the landscape on the drive in – the turnout at Willow Flats gave us a beautful view of it nestled into the lake and tucked in with sagebrush and fall leaf colour. Absolutely stunning.

Grand Teton National Park - Willow Flats
Willow Flats Grand Teton National Park

We took a short two hour hike around Swan Lake and Heron Lake in the afternoon – more photo opportunities.

It is always interesting to chat to fellow hikers along the way. We met a couple from Manchester who were working their way around the world In their retirement. He was making a calendar from all the photos he took. We walked the last quarter mile with a couple from Chicago who had been planning their trip for ages – a bit like us. Great company.

Grand Teton National Park Swan Lake
Swan Lake Grand Teton National Park

Foodie Firsts

We finished the evening with a the signature Berry Margeuerita (for me) and a – Moose Drool beer for Tim and a great meal at Signal Mountain Lodge overlooking the sunset on the lake. 

Grand Teton National Park Sunset at Signal Mountain Lodge
Sunset at Signal Mountain Lodge
This is a great place to stay – I just wish we had longer …