On the Road Again - to Mount Rushmore

We have a long drive ahead of us today from Denver to Rapid City where we will be able to tick the Must Do Mount Rushmore off our bucket list.

I would have liked to spend another day in Denver. There is a lot to see here. the Money Museum would have been interesting, but it was shut on a Sunday. There is a big Arts Museum and lots of History Museums too.
I would also liked to get a great photo of the Mile High city – but it didn’t seem that easy to do. We drove all around it yesterday and through its suburbs, but only once was there a good view of it and that was from the freeway – not a great place for a photo!

The centre of the city is actually very small and the land around it quite flat, so it is hard to get up high enough for a good photo. You are supposed to be able to get a panorama from City Park. we drove up there at sunset (8.05), but didn’t fancy parking up and walking around it in the dark. So – there would be good reason to maybe come back to Denver one day …

I always play with thinking whether I could live in a place I visit or not. Well, I could live quite happily in Denver I think. There were a lot of nice houses close to the City, with lovely porches. There are lots of restaurants and open air cafés. The weather is good (well – at least until Winter comes!). it is all designed around the car – the sidewalks are few and far between and even the pharmacies are drive thrus. The traffic is well ordered though and the roads big and wide. Best of all, the Rocky Mountains are just a short drive away …

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

Rapid City

Must Do - Mount Rushmore

We eventually arrived at Rapid City at around 7pm, after visiting Mount Rushmore.  The drive was longer than we thought – we covered over 400 miles in our black Chevrolet.  we pulled in at Wind Cave National Park on the way and met Alan and Jean from Florida.  Just the 4 of us standing at the roadside in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  Within 10 minutes, we were best buddies and Jean had given me an oxygen canister – you’ll need it in the Rocky Mountains, she said, they have gas bars there – for the elevation sickness.  Oh well – all prepared now then – thanks Jean!

Wind Cave NP and Mount Rushmore at sunset are both places I want to go back to.  For now though, a King Size bed awaits …