Hubbard Glacier - "The Galloping Glacier"

Today, the ship sailed into Yakutat Bay en route to the immense Hubbard Glacier – the “Galloping Glacier”.
It was a colder day today and I was grateful to have the warm cabin to jump back in and out of as we sailed past some unforgettable sites. I made friends with my camera a bit more today – nice to have the time to do that properly!
We sailed past an iceberg or two and then came face to face with the beauty of Hubbard Glacier. It was totally awesome – I have seen nothing like this before and it was definitely a highlight of the trip so far.
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier
Alaska Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier
It appears to be a beautiful fluorescent blue in places, which is apparently because when the light hits the compacted ice, long wavelength colours (reds) are absorbed whilst short wavelength colours (blues) reflect back through the ice to your eyes.  The scale of it is very impressive and it is hard to capture on a photograph.
Hubbard Glacier Alaska Close Up
Hubbard Glacier Close Up
It is 6 miles across and runs for 96 miles back into Canada. To be able to see the intricate detail and beauty of the ice at such close range from such comfortable surroundings is a real privilege.
Hubbard Glacier Panorama
Hubbard Glacier Panorama
The glacier calved several times as we we gazed at it. It sounded like a thunder storm as the ice pieces fell from the grip of the glacier into the icy water below. This happens so quickly that it is very difficult to capture on film.

Foodie Firsts

Lunch was a room service club house sandwich which we eat on our balcony. There was a strong wind – it almost blew my crisps away!

Some chocolate covered strawberries were delivered to our cabin at 6pm – a delicious start to the evening. We had chosen any time dining, so we settled into a table for two and enjoyed some beautiful fillet steak and cheesecake

Hubbard Glacier Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate dipped strawberries. "I don't remember ordering these - but I am rather glad they came!"

Tips for Future Travellers

Dinner was followed by a dance show.   The dress code was formal, so we donned evening dress and dinner jacket, but Americans generally seem not to do formal as they do in England.

Hardly any men wore a DJ and I was glad we hadn’t forked out to hire one.  The complimentary laundry service (another suite perk) sorted out the creases in Tim’s jacket beautifully.   It is a good job it was complimentary as washing out the wilderness would have set us back $99.20 otherwise!

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