Liverpool Day 1 - Waterfront/Royal Albert Dock

After a morning spent travelling, the first priority after checking in to our hotel was a lunch stop.

Foodie Firsts - Scouse

A friendly local café just a couple of minutes from our hotel was a good place to have lunch.  Lucy in the Sky Café (Unit 2, Imperial Court, Exchange St E, Liverpool L2 3PQ).  A good selection of lunchtime treats – including Liverpool Scouse awaits you.

If you really want to, you can take a selfie in the specially decorated toilets too.  Go on – you’re too curious not to now – aren’t you?!

Liverpool Scouse
Liverpool Scouse

What is Scouse?

It’s a stew.  A big, hearty healthy stew that warms you up and counts for at least 2 of your 5 a day.  What’s not to like?!

At Lucy in the Sky Café, it was served with a choice of beetroot or pickled cabbage and a generous portion of crusty bread.  Ymmm.

Do you fancy making Scouse yourself?  Click on the link above for the recipe.

Why is it called Scouse?

The word “scouse” comes from  “lobscouse”  a stew that was originally brought to Liverpool by Norweign soldiers. 

The Beatles Statue/The Three Graces

As you walk in the direction of the Waterfront, you can’t fail to miss the larger than life statues of the Fab Four.

Liverpool is far from being all about the Beatles, but the Fab Four are part of what made this city great and so a selfie with their famous statue is kinda obligatory.  The statue’s creator – Andrew Edwards – was keen on detail .  See if you can spot the  ‘L8’ on the bottom of Ringo’s shoe.  Look for the  acorns in John’s hand which were moulded from those  picked up outside the Dakota building in New York. 

Liverpool Beatles Statue
Liverpool Day 1 - Beatles Statue

The Beatles Statue has the impressive backdrop of the Three Graces:  

  • The Royal Liver Building and it’s two famous liverbirds – symbol of the City of Liverpool

  • The Port of Liverpool Building

  • The Cunard Building (which now houses The British Music Experience)

Fascinating Facts

UNESCO World Heritage Status

Liverpool was granted World Heritage status from UNESCO in July 2004, but stripped of it in July 2021 after Liverpool has been stripped of its World Heritage status after a UN committee found that developments (Liverpool Waters project and Everton’s new stadium) threatened the value of the city’s waterfront.

This before and after image  captures what all the fuss was being made about.  Make your own mind up – it seems a tad unfair to me?

Liverpool Waterfront Before & After

The Liverbirds

Liverpool’s famous liverbirds  are called Bella and Bertie.  Bella looks out to sea, to ensure that boats and sailors arrive safely into port.  Bertie looks towards the city, so he can keep a check on when the pubs open (and, of course, the proud citizens of Liverpool at the same time).

They have never mated.  Legend has it that if they were ever to face each other, the beautiful city of Liverpool would cease to exist.

Liverpool Liverbirds
Liverpool Day 1 - The Liverbirds

Liverpool's Stunning Architecture

Did you know that there are more Grade 2 listed buildings in Liverpool  than any other UK city outside London and more Georgian buildings than Bath.

Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008

Liverpool was European City of Culture in 2008 and benefited hugely from that hard won status.  You can appreciate all the benefits this brought to the city as you wander through the Waterfront/Docks area.

Royal Albert Dock

The Royal Albert Dock area is a lovely place for a stroll.  There is an eclectic mix of shops, independent retail outlets, plenty of choice of bars, cafés and restaurants and some world class museums.  Allow enough time to have a good look around and absorb the atmosphere here.

Liverpool Albert Dock
"Imagine" ...
Liverpool Albert Dock
Royal Albert Dock
Liverpool Day 1 Royal Albert Dock

The Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool just has to be the best value tourist attraction in town.  For a (voluntary) donation of just £5, you can find out all about:

  • Titanic’s sad demise
  • The city’s connections with slavery
  • Liverpool’s proud maritime heritage.  
  • The social story of its developing community through the ages

Did you know that in the mid 19th century, 40% of the world’s trade came through Liverpool?

The real challenge is finding enough time to explore it all.  The Museum opens from 10 until 6 in high season, but shuts at 4 as the Winter approaches, so we only had time to fit in a visit to the Titanic floor, so there is definitely much more to explore on our next visit.  Yes – we will definitely be coming back!

Liverpool Day 1 Waterfront/Albert Dock

Cocktails - The Aloft Hotel

There are so many places to enjoy a cocktail in Liverpool – you are spoilt for choice.  If you are staying at the Aloft Hotel, then make it easy on yourself and just wander down the magnificent staircase into their comfortable cocktail lounge?

The Aloft Hotel has a happy hour (or 2!?) between 5pm – 7pm in the week.  Cocktails are half price 2 for £10.  At these prices, you may be bladdered, but at least it will take you a bit longer before you’re brassic?  Enjoy!

The Shiraz BBQ Grill (19 N John St, Liverpool L2 5QU) is just a short step away from the Aloft Hotel, so if you are tired after the journey, it’s not a bad option – but you may well find better with a bit more research.  The decor is cosy, the atmosphere is fun and there is a lot of charcoal cooking going on.  You certainly won’t leave hungry either.