World’s End at the North Cape

The ship docked at Honningvãg this morning – the capital of the North Cape.  At 71 degrees north, this is as far north as you can travel without falling into the sea.

We could have gone on an excursion to the North Cape, which might have been interesting, but we were booked on the hike package, so walked with the Expedition Team to Storefjell.  The hike required snow shoes again and it snowed for part of the walk.  The view from the top was pleasant enough, but if you were opting for a half rather than a full hike package, I would miss this one out.

North Cape Friluftsliv
North Cape Friluftsliv

On the way back, we walked past the lovely white church of Nesseby.  The church was built in 1858 and was one of the few buildings to survive the Germans’ scorched earth policy in WW11.


North Cape Nesseby Church
Nesseby Church

Foodie Firsts

The coastal kitchen tonight is offering a buffet of salmon from Skervøy, fresh shrimps from the cold and fresh waters of the pristine conservation area of the Lyngen Alps and finnbiff (reindeer) from Finnmark.

Fascinating Facts

The reindeer is perfectly adapted for this harsh climate with almost fully waterproof fur and  hair which tends to cling to itself creating a ventilated barrier of air and giving the reindeer an exceptional ability to withstand the cold.  The reindeer are owned by the Sami people.  They are free to roam but are herded at intervals during the year to inhabit the coastal areas in Summer and the inland areas Winter.  They dislike the mosquitos the Summer brings as much as humans do!

North Cape Welly boot flower pots Norway
Welly boot flower pots on this house - cute!
North Cape Welly boot flower pots Norway