Looking across to Hout Bay – pelargoniums grow naturally in abundance all along this road.
We took a tour of the peninsular today, finishing at the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach. The coastline was pristine – miles and miles of clear blue waters, huge waves and very few people around – perfect. The penguins were a fascinating sight – quite immune to all the attention they get from the tourists.

No-one was swimming in the sea. Maybe because the water is very cold here in Summer (it is warmer in Winter, oddly?) – or maybe because sharks are common in these waters. Sharks are so common they employ shark watchers to sound the alarm if they spot one.

Baboons are a problem too – pinching things from people’s cars in an attempt to find food.

Puff adders live in the fynbos (fine bush) too – although I didn’t see any warning notices for those? There must also be tortoises because there was a road sign warning they might be crossing – glad we didn’t have to wait for one of those!

We finished the day with the sunset bus tour that was included in our ticket. It took a couple of hours to trundle round the city playing jolly African music to get us in the mood for the rest of our trip (Awim Away, Awim Away …). It finished at the top of Signal Hill where crowds gathered to sit and watch the sunset. Better to have come on the bus than in our own car – the traffic was manic up there.

Today’s highlight – stiff completion here between the penguins and the snowy white drifts of paper like everlasting flowers growing by the coast.

Glad I packed – sunscreen.

Wish I had seen (I think?!) – a baboon. Concrete ones were the closest I got, although there was supposed to be a 70 percent chance of seeing one.

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