We are about at the half way point now – it feels great to still have two weeks to go – almost as though we are starting out on an entirely new holiday altogether. I feel less nervous about all the dangers there are around too now – the thing that has caused us the biggest problem so far has been the hotel soap which brought Tim out un a rather alarming looking all over red rash which took a few days to disappear.  You can hardly be scared of a bar of soap though can you!

The road from Perth to Geraldton is 414 kms – 4 and a half hours.  We took all day over it though, allowing for two stops on the way:


Yanchep National Park
1 hour out of the Perth on the road to Geraldton.  You can see koalas sleeping high up in the swaying eucalyptus trees here just a very short distance from the car park along easy boardwalk trails.  They are hard to spot at first as they are so well camouflaged.  Koalas spend 14.5 hours of every day sleeping and another 4.5 hours resting.  They eat only eucalyptus and it takes them five whole days to digest their food.  We also saw a kookaburra, but he didn’t sing for me this time.  If I’m lucky enough to have a second life – I think I’ll come back as a koala.

Lancelin Sand Dunes
There is a lot of good value fun to be had here.  Head to Desert Road at the end of town and hire a sandboard from Mr. Xtreme for just $5.  If you want a DIY option, just bring along a big cardboard box and GO FOR IT!


You can tell when you are getting close to Geraldton – just look for the leaning trees of Greenough growing flat along the ground.

Dinner:  L’Italiano – easy walking distance from our hotel.  A cheerful Italian with great pasta and pizza menu and gelato, m if you have the room.  You can’t go wrong here!

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