We are moving on today and have a long(ish) 4 and a half hour drive ahead to Hlangana Lodge in Oudtshoorn, so are making an early start. Route 62 is a good alternative to the very popular Garden Route along the coast. It is supposed to be quieter, but no less picturesque – we’ll find out today.

I will remember Franschhoek as a very pretty little place – full of roses even this early in Spring/Summer – definitely somewhere to return to.

Thought for the day – must find room in our house somewhere for a large bean bag – they are such fun!

Photo I wished I had taken – the deep blue light balls around the swimming pool here – a very clever idea. Too late now it is light again.

Glad I packed – the no peg clothes line, which worked a treat hanging over the bath. The guide book on Kindle has been great too – much lighter than a fat book and I have learned how to add bookmarks now – so useful.

Looking forward to seeing ostriches close up rather than just a picture in a guide book.

Wished I’d had time to – read The South African Story (Ron McGregor). It was a book in the hotel that looked really interesting.

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