Entering the High North - Tromsø

The sunrise was beautiful this morning – a gentle pink light hung over the coastline for quite some time.

A beautiful Norwegian sunrise
A beautiful Norwegian sunrise

Mount Floyø

The hike today took us to the top of Mount Fløyø at 640m above sea level.  The light was already fading as we started the hike just after 2.30, but the moon was out.  I have never hiked by moonlight before!  The view from the top over Tromsø was spectacular.  The city spread out before us like a glittering necklace below puffy white clouds.  The hike was pretty strenuous and wearing snowshoes made it safer, but slow going.  The view from the top was well worth the effort.

Tromsø by night
Tromsø by night - breathtakingly beautiful .

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights made another appearance at about 6.30 – the display was more dramatic than yesterday, but still quite hard to see with the naked eye.  The camera does it much more justice.

Hurtigruten Cruise Northern Lights
Hurtigruten Cruise Northern Lights
Hurtigruten Cruise Northern Lights Europe
Hurtigruten Cruise Northern Lights

Foodie Firsts

The coastal kitchen’s offering this evening is: baked celery soup with dry-salted bacon from Mydland in Tromsø; Arctic char from Sigerfjord (landed this morning as we slept) followed by a chocolate terrine with blueberry compote and macarons.  The menu description of dessert is enticing:  “chocolate is without doubt the ultimate food.  Something everyone deserves every now and then.  Just like love, it is fragile, but can surprise with a hint of bitterness in the ending”.

Wish I had Seen

Reindeer racing – it takes place int he streets of Tromsø tomorrow, after we will have left for the next port of call.

Mass in the Arctic Cathedral – I am sure this would have made a wonderful excursion, albeit it would have been another long night as it takes place at midnight.

The Arctic Cathedral Tromsø
The Arctic Cathedral Tromsø - better lit up at night