Kylesku to Aultbea via Kirkaig Falls and the Brae of Achinahaird

The journey from Kylesku to Aultbea wasn’t too long today, so we were able to stop at Invercircaig and walk to the Kirkaig Falls on the way.  The 2.5 mile path is muddy after rain – so ideally tackled with wellies!

Kylesku to Aultbea Kirkaig Falls
Kirkaig Falls

Today was lovely and sunny though and the falls were impressive when we got to them. after the rain the previous evening.

Tips for Future Travellers:

Two fishermen we met on the path on the return trip told us that continuing on the path for half a mile or so beyond the falls brings you to a loch and a great view of Suilvan.  We missed it, but if you are coming this way yourself, you might want to try it?

We took the long road to Aultbea passing through the pretty Brae of Achinahaird – very photogenic.

Kylesku to Aultbea Brae of Achinahaird
Brae of Achinahaird
Kylesku to Aultbea Brae of Achinahaird
Brae of Achinahaird

Makes you Smile:

A stop at a tiny cottage on the shoreline was rewarded with a hot cup of tea and. a nice chat with the very elderly Scottish lady owner who had moved to the village in 1960 when Gaellic was still being spoken.  She wanted to know where we had been on our travels.  When we told her we had been to Wick, she made us laugh by saying she didn’t think that much of it – she remembered she bought a blouse there about 20 years ago!

Flora and Fauna:

Two deer, not far from the roadside!


Kylesku to Aultbea Scottish deer
Scottish deer
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