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Getting to Alaska - The Last Frontier

Alaska – The Last Frontier.  It’s so far away that you can’t fly directly to Alaska from the UK – you have to go via Seattle.  Seattle is a fascinating city to visit though, so I’m not complaining!

Alaska The Last Frontier

From Seattle, you need to take another flight to Anchorage with Alaska Airlines

Check-in time for our British Airways flight from Heathrow  to Seattle was 12.10 and departure a lengthy 3 hours later at 15.10 (groan). We drove to Heathrow in the morning and arrived in plenty of time. Just as well because the “Meet and Greet” service we had paid for to collect our car at Heathrow and guarantee us a smooth arrival took us AGES to find!

We drove all round Heathrow airport four times in all until we eventually managed to find the right car park and locate Level 4, Block M. The directions were truly dreadful. No excuse these days when they could have taken pictures of the relevant turns and junctions etc. and included them in the directions.  

The flight was a daunting 9 and a half hours and with an 8 hour time difference.  We tried hard to get some sleep – with some success (but not much!).  

Still, we eventually found the airport lounge and settled in, ready to start our big trip.

We arrived at Seattle on schedule at16.40. We then queued up for 2 hours to clear US customs, which apparently is the norm?! Fingerprints, photos – the full works. A yellow cab whisked us to our Seattle hotel – the Arctic Club Seattle (a Double Tree Hilton hotel) – where we are booked in for 2 nights.
We were given a warm chocolate chip cookie as a welcome gift – well – it would be rude not to eat it – wouldn’t it?!
We managed to stay awake long enough to consume a lovely meal of spinach salad (good for jet lag, along with broccoli, cheese, cherries and nuts, so I read on the plane) and mushroom ravioli, washed down with a glass of red. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the lovely feather pillows …

Tomorrow, we plan to see all the sites of Seattle in one day. Just how possible is that and how will the jet lag affect things?




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