Great Alaskan Adventure - Itinerary

Our Alaska Itinerary is set out below.  We start our big trip to Alaska in less than a month now.  There is still so much still to organise before we go. I always really love the planning and looking forward bit of a trip though.  Sometimes, I think the looking forward and then re-living the memories when you get back are as much fun as the actual trip itself?!

Alaska Itinerary

Alaska Itinerary

The variety is the most exciting thing about this trip.  We are travelling by public transport rather than hiring a car and driving ourselves, so everything has to be meticulously organised.  We are visiting the Alaskan Wilderness too, so you absolutely have to be on time for connections – there are no second chances!   I have a very large folder of tickets and vouchers to work my way through on this trip.

  1. Seattle – 1 Day city break
  2. Anchorage – a different city
  3. Alaskan railroad train to Denali National Park
  4. 1 night outside the park – Denali Cabins
  5. There is just 1 bus a day into the wilderness (must be sure to be on time for that!)
  6. 3 nights in the Alaskan Wilderness – Denali Backcountry Lodge
  7. 5am bus back to park outskirts
  8. Panoramic bus trip back to Anchorage
  9. Train to Whittier
  10. Cruise for a week aboard the Sapphire Princess through:
  11. Hubbard GlacierGlacier National Park, JuneauSkagwayKetchikan and finish in Vancouver.  

Tips for Future Travellers

So, having spent a full week-end back in October 2012 making all the arrangements for the different legs of our trip, I am now left with just the “finishing touches” – and there are a still a number of those:

  1. Sort out VISA waiver – ESTA approval –
  2. Plan days in Seattle and Anchorage – just how much can I realistically squeeze I?
  3. Plan cruise excursions
  4. Order currency
  5. Book parking at Heathrow – wish there was a better way of getting there than driving yourself?!
  6. Visit doctor for mosquito medications – allergies are SO annoying!

What I'm Packing

  1. I’m packing very light.  The Alaska Airlines baggage restrictions need careful checking before you travel.  Their planes are small, so you aren’t allowed to carry too much – a real challenge for a trip with this much variety!  Given that we are travelling by public transport for most of the trip though, packing light is a Must Do.
  2. Mosquito repellent/nets
  3. A good torch – there are no lights in the Alaskan wilderness!

I will be sharing my highlights via this blog as I travel – wi-fi connections permitting, so, watch this space!

Alaska Itinerary
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